HKJGOM adopts a double-blind peer review system. Reviewers please note the following during review:
  • Manuscript should be: clear, concise, complete and original, with assumptions plainly identified, date and compution results presented with their uncertainty, with their logic precise, with relevance to practice described, and actual accomplishments of the work plainly stated and honestly appraised.
  • Material under review should not be shared or discussed with anyone outside the review process unless approved by the editor. Reviewers should not retain copies of submitted manuscripts and should not use the knowledge of their content for any purpose unrelated to the peer review process.
  • Reviewer comments should acknowledge positive aspects of the material under review, identify negative aspects constructively, and indicate the improvements needed. Reviewers should explain and support their judgement clearly enough that editors and authors can understand the basis of the comments. They should consider authors' feelings when making comments and avoid abrasive remarks.
  • Reviewers should ensure that an observation or argument that has been previously reported be accompanied by a relevant citation and should immediately alert the editor when they are aware of duplicate publication.
  • If reviewers believe that they cannot judge a given article impartially, please return the manuscript immediately to the editor with that explanation.
  • Reviews should be completed expeditiously, within 2-3 weeks. If cannot finish the review within the time specified, please inform the editor.

(The above guidelines are based on the guidelines provided by Council of Science Editors)

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