The Hong Kong Midwives Association was incorporated in 1967 as the Hong Kong Nurses and Midwives Association and retitled in 1969. The number of paid-up members is approximately 700. The Association aims at protecting and maintaining the standards of midwifery, to promote and protect the interests of midwives, to make representation to the Government on any question or matter affecting the standards of midwifery in Hong Kong. The Association, being a member of the International Confederation of Midwives, actively involves in the betterment of maternal and child health.

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President Irene LY LEE 李麗賢
Vice Presidents Iris SC LAM 林淑貞
  CY LAI 黎哲瑩
Treasurers Manbo BL MAN 文保蓮
  Chu SING 忻  珠
Secretaries (English) Siana PY LAU 劉寶玉
  Ellen LY CHEUNG 張麗賢
Secretaries (Chinese) Miranda ML LEUNG 梁妙玲
  CY NG 吳親緣
Education Committee Judy WY NG 吳惠英
  Florence WL HAU 侯慧莉
  Sylvia YK FUNG 馮玉娟
  PL IU 饒寶蘭
  NC NG 吳顏芝
  Alice SY SHAM 岑素圓
  FY SO 蘇鳳儀
  SM TAI 戴倩明
  PL TANG 鄧佩玲
  MY TO 陶美玉
House Committee Lina CH LEE 李靜紅
  SM LAU 劉笑梅
Honorary Advisors TL AU 區德齡
  KY FU 傅潔瑩
  Amy KH LAM 林佳卿
  FT LAU 劉歡團
  SF LEE 李淑芳
  SM LIU 廖雪梅
  Rita SK YUEN 袁秀琼
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