Cholangiocarcinoma in pregnancy: a case report Abstract

Chun-Yee CHOW, Choi-Wah KONG, William WK TO
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, United Christian Hospital, Hong Kong

A 35-year-old pregnant woman presented at 19 weeks of gestation with epigastric pain and mildly elevated alanine transaminase level. She subsequently developed acute cholangitis, with deteriorated liver function. Imaging revealed features of cholangiocarcinoma. Termination of pregnancy was performed at 22 weeks of gestation to facilitate maternal treatment. She underwent hepatectomy, followed by multiple courses of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. However, she died from hepatorenal failure with hepatic encephalopathy 1 year later. Cholangiocarcinoma in pregnancy is rare. Although it is a differential diagnosis of deranged liver function in pregnancy, a precise diagnosis can be challenging as the presenting signs and symptoms are not obvious.
Hong Kong J Gynaecol Obstet Midwifery 2021; 21(2):76–79
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