Haemoperitoneum due to Tubal Abortion in a Patient with Negative Urine Pregnancy Test—Case Report and Literature Review Abstract

Ka Yu TSE, Wing Cheong LEUNG, Nga Ting LAU, Chung Ting LAU

In general, ectopic pregnancy can usually be excluded by a negative urine pregnancy test result. However, false-negative results can occur. We present a case in which a 17-year-old girl complained of progressive abdominal pain at the fourth week of amenorrhoea. Urine pregnancy test was negative. Emergency laparoscopy was performed because of shock. Haemoperitoneum and tubal abortion were found. It is obvious that ectopic pregnancy cannot simply be excluded by a negative pregnancy test. Management decision should be based on the clinical presentation and prompt intervention should be carried out in order to avoid detrimental complications of this condition.

Hong Kong J Gynaecol Obstet Midwifery 2006; 6:45-8

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