Urinary Tract Infection After Urodynamic Study in Women Abstract

Anny Wai Mei TONG, Willy Cecilia CHEON

To assess the prevalence of urinary tract infection after urodynamic study in healthy women and its natural history.

210 consecutive incontinence women were recruited. All women screened for urinary tract infection before urodynamic study by mid-stream urine culture at least 1 to 2 months before investigation. All women then received a standard urodynamic investigation.

The incidence of bacteriuria before and after urodynamic studies were 3.8% and 3.6% respectively. Bacteriuria was transient in 3 of the 7 women but persisted in 3 women. Only 1 of 7 bacteriuria gave rise to symptoms. Irritative bladder symptoms occurred in 49.7% and 17% of women on the day of procedure and day 2 after procedure respectively.

Urodynamic investigations were associated with a high incidence of transient irritative symptoms but a low incidence of bacteriuria (3.6%). Bacteriuria was asymptomatic in most patients. Its natural history was transient but may be persistent. In this population, urodynamic studies are associated with a low level of morbidity.

Hong Kong J Gynaecol Obstet Midwifery 2005; 5:22-5

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