A Prospective Observational Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety Profiles of Leuprorelin 3 Month Depot for the Treatment of Pelvic Endometriosis Abstract

Sik Hung SUEN, Sammy Chung Sum CHAN

To evaluate the suppression of pituitary gonadotrophins and ovarian steroid hormones with the administration of a combination of leuprorelin depot 3.75 mg and leuprorelin depot 11.25 mg at 5 weeks apart.

Prospective open observational study.

Gynaecology department of a public hospital under Hospital Authority in Hong Kong.

25 consecutive symptomatic patients with laparoscopy or laparotomy proven stage III and stage IV pelvic endometriosis were recruited from February 2003 to July 2004.

Main outcome measures:
Serum levels of 17-b-oestradiol, follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinising hormone; pelvic pain scores.

Other outcome measures:
Side-effects and non-responders.

This regimen of treatment was found to significantly suppress the endogenous oestradiol level to postmenopausal range and the pain scores to a very low level. These effects were well maintained till 24 weeks after commencement of treatment. Side-effects were mainly hot flushes and sweating and were tolerable by all subjects.

The combination of leuprorelin 3.75 mg and leuprorelin 11.25 mg 3 Month Depot is a safe and effective alternative to conventional monthly injection of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone agonists. It can be recommended as a more cost-effective and patient-friendly alternative in the treatment of pelvic endometriosis.

Hong Kong J Gynaecol Obstet Midwifery 2005; 5:2-9

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