What Might Obstetricians Learn From Midwives? Abstract

Paul Anthony LEWIS

This paper is based on a lecture delivered at a Scientific Meeting of the Obstertrical and Gynaecological Society of Hong Kong held on 14 January 2003. It depicts the importance of safe normal motherhood and natural birth. The phenomenon of hospitalization of birth and the need for demedicalisation of normal birth are critically analysed. Friendship and partnership in pregnancy and birth must be established among the three parties: the obstetricians, the midwives, the pregnant women and their families. The midwives’ initiative in “the Birth Centre Movement”, being a social model of childbirth, is described. Working together, respecting the differences and valuing the unique contributions are lesions obstetricians might learn from midwives.

Hong Kong J Gynaecol Obstet Midwifery 2002; 3:108-12

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