A Survey on the Service for Patients with Miscarriage Abstract

Choi Man YAN, Ka Ming MOK

The aim of this quantitative and descriptive survey was to assess the knowledge of patients on the topic of miscarriage by means of a questionnaire. Though most of the 498 patients had reasonable knowledge about the symptomatology and clinical management of miscarriage, various misconceptions were noted. Our service for patients with miscarriage included provision of an information pamphlet about miscarriage and psychological and physiological support and counseling by the ward staff. The information pamphlet was deemed useful by most of the patients. Moreover, relevant video shows and seminars were suggested by some patients. Overall, the support provided by the ward staff was considered adequate though less than that provided by the family members. In addition, nurses were thought to be more helpful than doctors with respect to support and counseling. We conclude that education in the form of information pamphlet, and perhaps also video show and seminar, is helpful in dispelling misconceptions about miscarriage. Appropriate training in the areas of psychological support and counseling for all personnel concerned in the care for patients with miscarriage is equally important.

Hong Kong J Gynaecol Obstet Midwifery 2002; 3:17-27

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