The significance of pelvic adhesions Abstract

Ying-Ching CHEONG, Tin-Chiu LI, Jessop WING

Adhesion formation and reformation is a significant cause of morbidity and consumes a large amount of health care resources. In this review, we explore the clinical significance of pelvic adhesions by discussing the clinical presentation, investigations and treatment of acute and chronic complications associated with adhesions . There is some evidence in the literature data about the effectiveness of adhesiolysis in the treatment of pelvic pain. A multi-disciplinary approach to the management of symptoms associated with recurrent pelvic adhesions is recommended. Currently, there are many adhesion prevention substances available on the markets. Although some are effective in the reduction of adhesion formation and reformation, they do not completely prevent adhesion formation. The understanding of the cellular and molecular aspects of the pathogenesis of adhesion formation will in future help us develop more effective methods of adhesion prevention .

Hong Kong J Gynaecol Obstet Midwifery 2001; 2:32

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