Factors Contributing to Non-Attendance of Antenatal Class in Hong Kong -a Study of Postpartum Females in Tsan Yuk Hospital Abstract

Wing Hang SHAM, James Chi Sum CHIANG, Jenny Pui Shan CHU, Chi Ming POON, Wing Shan SIT, Shun Fung SZE, Pak Kin WONG, Stephenie Yat Ni WONG, Wan Ha YIP, Chin Peng LEE

Antenatal class has become an integral part of antenatal care. Despite being offered free locally, the attendance is low. There is a lack of local literature to explain this phenomenon.

This pilot study was designed to estimate the attendance rate of the local antenatal class, to explore its perceived usefulness, to establish predictors for non-attendance and to give practical recommendations that could improve the attendance rate, based on potentially amendable predictors.

A retrospective questionnaire survey was designed de novo for this study. 361 postnatal women were interviewed in a nine-week period upon informed consent. Data from full-attendees, partial-attendees, ever-attendees and never-attendees were analyzed with chi square tests and t tests using SPSS 10.0.

The ever-attendance rate is 41.8%. The service is perceived as useful and recommendable by most of the attendees. Too busy with jobs is the most popular reason given for non-attendance. Socioeconomic factors are the main predictors of attendance. Low socioeconomic status is associated with non-attendance.

To improve antenatal class attendance, service providers may need to refine the class for the motivated group and actively promote the service to the socially less privileged women.

Hong Kong J Gynaecol Obstet Midwifery 2001; 2:80-8

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