Prevalence of Postpartum Morbidity in Hong Kong: A Pilot Study Abstract

Valerie LEVY, Violeta LOPEZ, Anne CHOW, Sandra WONG

To gather data on morbidity in Hong Kong women following childbirth.

A prospective repeated measures design was performed at weeks two and eight on a convenience sample of 20 women after childbirth.

The pilot study showed that at 8 weeks after childbirth many women were experiencing disorders they perceived to have a considerable adverse effect upon their daily life. Few women sought professional help for these disorders.

The results of the pilot study indicate an undercurrent of ill-health in Hong Kong women during at least the first few months following childbirth and possibly a lot longer than this. Further research is required to follow-up women over a longer time to determine the prevalence and extent of postpartum problems so that appropriate health promotion, prevention and interventions may be planned and provided to these women.

Hong Kong J Gynaecol Obstet Midwifery 2000; 1:96-100

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